The Large Association of Movie Blogs (or The Lamb) is now running its 2011 Lammy Awards. Every year these awards are handed out to those Lamb members that receive the most nominations in each given category. Obviously, Celluloid Zombie would love a shiny banner to put on his site, especially one with a Lamb on it (those who know my name will know why).

The Lamb’s rules are as follow:

The voting will be done via a traditional nomination/vote process. The nomination process will last for three weeks, until May 9th. Voting and eligibility is open to current LAMBs only (#1 – 900). One ballot per site. Nominate up to three LAMBs for each award (no ranking necessary), save for Best Blog, where you may nominate up to five sites. There are two sites that you are not allowed to vote for: your own site and the LAMB- votes for either will be discarded. Shortly after the nomination period has closed, I will post a list of the nominees. The final round of voting will then take place for another two week period.

Vote for Celluloid Zombie HERE.

If you vote for me I promise lower taxes, four-day weekends, tastier fillings in supermarket sandwiches and free iPads for everyone. Honest.

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!